Since 1979, Citadel Computer has designed and manufactured rugged industrial computers for many of the world's most challenging applications. Read more...

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Citadel NetFORCE™ Industrial Computers

Wherever you need rugged computing technology...

From the plant floor to the freight dock...in mobile applications from forklifts to fire trucks or shipboard marine installations...our rugged touch screen computers deliver rock-solid performance on the move.

Sub-zero to sizzling hot, Citadel's rugged industrial computers are engineered for reliability and operator convenience in demanding harsh environments.

Our industrial systems are deployed by many of the world's leading companies for critical applications in logistics, warehousing, distribution, food processing, material handling, supply chain management, freight transportation, emergency services, homeland security, oil & gas exploration and wellsite mud logging.

Citadel NetFORCE™ computers offer outstanding performance, easy installation and industry standard architectures. Got a challenging application? Our systems serve diverse markets world-wide. We invite you to call our experienced sales team to learn more about our proven products and our unwavering commitment to your success.