Citadel Company Profile

For more than 40-years, Citadel Computer Corporation has delivered reliable computing horsepower for harsh-environment applications. Since our founding in 1979, Citadel Computer Corporation has specialized in the design, engineering and manufacturing of harsh-environment computer systems for challenging industrial and military applications.

Our rugged systems are used in a wide variety of applications in the world’s toughest industries. Our people and our products are dedicated to delivering the solid, reliable performance that our customers depend on and we stand behind our systems with our industry-leading three-year warranty.

Citadel systems are in service in trains, planes, subway tunnels, warehouses and freight docks. Fixed, mobile, vehicle-mount, indoors, outdoors, hot or cold…we meet your needs with practical solutions that support everything from novel computing applications under the most extreme conditions…to demanding data collection on the factory floor…to high-altitude flight applications including the Space Shuttle.

Our proven NetFORCE-XPR™ family of rugged computers help leading companies run their operations better and more efficiently. We’re installed on thousands of industrial forklifts helping these companies move material and finished inventory through their manufacturing and distribution processes. Citadel NetFORCE-XPR™ computers give the operator a friendly, responsive touch-based window into critical real-time data, stocking levels and important process variables. It’s dirty out there and we excel in delivering reliable performance in the ugliest environments and under the toughest conditions. Our fully sealed systems (NEMA 4 / IP 66) can literally take a bath or take a hit…and will keep on trucking for you.

We support our customers directly with attentive service, technical expertise and unwavering commitment and dedication. Our success spans forty years and a number of industry milestones.