Our rugged NetFORCE™ systems are in service around the world...

Citadel NetFORCE™ industrial computers are deployed around the world in a wide range of harsh-environment applications. From the rigors of deep-sea oceanography to the frigid extremes on the North Slope of Alaska, our rugged computers perform and deliver.

Our systems are engineered from the ground up for easy installation and reliable performance in industrial and military settings. Whether you need rugged horsepower in manufacturing operations or data-management offshore on a drilling platform, our NetFORCE™ family of versatile, rugged systems offers proven solutions.


Supply Chain Management and Logistics

  • Material handling & inventory control
  • Order processing, Pick & Put-away

Freight Transportation

  • Cross-dock logistics & material management
  • Pick-up, delivery and scheduling
  • Fleet management

Food Processing

  • In-freezer material handling & cold-storage
  • Process automation and verification
  • FDA/USDA regulatory compliance
  • Sorting and quality assurance

Emergency Services

  • Vehicle status, control and GPS navigation
  • Regional & local mapping
  • Construction floor-plan access and display
  • Hazardous Material Safety Datasheets (MSDS)

Marine Navigation

  • Charting, surveying and marine navigation
  • Real-time GPS
  • Harbor and port security and control
  • Deep-sea oceanographic research
  • Fisheries management and compliance monitoring


Heavy Manufacturing / Automotive

  • Systems automation, process control and monitoring
  • Process automation, data-logging
  • Parts & material re-supply, quality tracking

Oil Exploration and Production

  • Well logging / wireline logging / logging while drilling
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Mass Transit

  • Automatic revenue collection
  • Traffic monitoring & system automation

Homeland Security

  • Biometric identification and watchlist management
  • Secure database access & support
  • GPS navigation, mapping and surveillance
  • Border, port and checkpoint security
  • Hazardous Material Safety Datasheets (MSDS)
  • Video surveillance and monitoring

Military Air, Land and Sea

  • Biometric identification and access control
  • Secure database access
  • GPS navigation and surveillance
  • Weather data and meteorological mapping
  • Communications